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From the centers 'IYM' Serves...

Those Who Are Incarcerated:


Ladell W. – Stay focused: court date 4/28/2020: remain at the level he is at

Zachary S. – Mom would visit: court will go well

Jamieon B. – Family: schooling: IYM Chaplains: justice: his life

Deshawn D. – Incarcerated brothers: court 4/27/2020

Johnterries B. – May release: mom gets her house

Dwight W. – Mom’s wellbeing: court date 3/12/2020

Ean K. – Wisdom: career plans

Joseph R. – Family & self for wellbeing: accept correction

James B. – Release by 18th birthday: anger issues

Damaro M.- Family, self & children: court 3/25/2020

Dayvon J.- Family-peace, comfort & understanding: self: better understand and closer to God

Marcus B. – Family: early release: peers (pod)

Daniel F. – Family & friends: good court date on 3/10/2020

Malik P. – Family, friends & staff: cousin’s passing: mom &friends for safety

Mykel S. – Mom for safety & health issues: friends who are locked up

De-Haven M. – Wisdom

Jeremiah C. – Court 3/4/2020

Dominick W. – Courage

Christopher T. – Forgiveness: watch over family

Dominic F. – Mom would visit: get through the program quickly

Michael B. – Protection from mistakes: right path, don’t go astray

Denincko W. – Consistency: good mind set

Alex M. – Good court date: home pass

Markiece T. – Guidance: family & friends: release 4/16/2020

James C. – Niece & sister

Preston B. – Family safety: next court date: brother’s court date

Daylon W. – Release before 18th birthday: be a good father: graduate high school: go to trade school: stay away from negative people

Malachi M. – Next level in the program: family & friends: court date

William H. – Family wellbeing & self: graduate high school

Joe M. – Dad gets through his difficult time- evicted from his home

Jacob C. – Family, especially mom, dad & sister: anger issues

James M. – Family: dad in the hospital: court

Elijah J. – Family: court date

Jordan G. – Jordan G. – Release 3/17/2020: strength & guidance

Cartier T. – Family: group (pod) to get along: court date

Martez W. – Family safety: trade school: hope to go home in 3 weeks: successful court date: mom & family issues: home visits: more family visits

Jayden J. – Family: keep on track: closer walk w/God

Tyuan T. – Family : court 3/23/2020

Deshawn S. – Family- grandmother in nursing home: next court date in June

Adam A. – Wisdom

Cortez L. – Stay focused: progress in the program: family

Hunter S. – Sister-safety for her baby: cousin for healing: stay on the right track: maintain level: family safety: peers(pod)

Dakiya S. – Release on court date ?: Family & self for safety: patience

Jasmine S.-(female)- Staff & ‘baby Lilly’

Christian G. – Forgiveness: family

Kyle M. – Family wellbeing: court date

Timothy H. – Family, friends & peers (pod): strength & wisdom

Montavious A. – Writing personal prayers

Tylaj C. – Mom & his child: prepare for fatherhood

Rason S. – Family: court date: best friend & family: brothers & sister: court 4/21/2020

Marcus H. – Family: strength, wisdom & knowledge: court date

John B. – Guidance: family safety: willpower to get through each day

Tymarion F. – Career plans- police or criminal justice

Anthony H. – Sister for safety: relationship w/mom: future placement



Huron Valley Prison (Adult)
Roksana Sikorski (17) # 976524
3201 Bemis Road
Ypsilanti, MI 48197


..and from our prayer partner Sisters at the Mt. Thabor Monastery in Ortonville please pray for these who are adult 'lifers' incarcerated in the state of Maine.  

'Lifers' in Maine State Penitentiary:

Gordon Hass
Phillip Penneallatore
Luis Avarado
Gary Steward


My Gracious and Loving Father, 

I come to you now in prayer; I thank you God that even though I have made many mistakes in my life, you are a God of forgiveness. Today I ask you to forgive me and I make a commitment to dedicate my life to You, to do Your will and to follow Your plan and purpose for my life.

 Father I know because I have humbly asked, you have forgiven me of all my wrongdoing but I am having trouble forgiving myself. Help me God to understand that I can’t change what has already happened but I can change what will happen in the future.

 At this moment I surrender all my bitterness, loneliness, and my low self-esteem to you Father. I forgive all those who have hurt me and I forgive myself for all my mistakes of the past.

 By your grace Lord, I will use this time of imprisonment as a time of study, prayer and personal commitment to You. Instead of allowing this time of my life to be a crushing blow of defeat, I will use it as a steppingstone to higher accomplishments. I also ask you to prepare me to face society and assume responsibility when I am released; as one who has learned their lesson and benefited from their mistakes.

 Most of all God, thank you for loving me and looking beyond my faults to see my needs. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

 author: Calumet resident circa 2007




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