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Prayer Needs
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From the centers 'IYM' Serves...

Those Who Are Incarcerated:


Young Men

Michael W. – Mom’s bad choices: accept decisions for what he has done- know that he is forgiven: family get closer to God: his girlfriend

Judah P. – Grandmother’s health: November release: college plans

Brendon D. – Family safety: go home on court date

Jayden S. – Family safety

Zion J. – September 19 court: grandmother’s health

La-Mari J. – Grandmother okay after car accident: rest of the family: anger problems

Dajuan K. – Mom: daughter and his deceased twin: brother incarcerated: CONFESSED CHRIST AS SAVIOR

Brian C. – Have a good court date

Douglas S. – Family safety: early release for brother and self

Dayson B. – Mental strength and guidance: grandmother & sister would visit

Zyquis L. – Court date 10/19

Jermaine W. – Family would visit: God’s protection over family

Cedarian M. – Release this week: make adjustments for going back into the community: court 8/24

Tieshawn A. – Family, especially son and son’s mother: court 9/14

Elijah L. – Family safety: mom’s incarceration


Jacob M. – Family: IYM Chaplains: court date: next level in the program

Charles B. – Peers, family & staff: court date: next level in the program

Andra O. – Next level in the program

Malike P. – Family: dad’s funeral preparations: court date: P.O. Officer: home pass

Matthew F. – Court date: mom’s life to improve

Cameron L. – Freedom, groth & strength: motivation & perseverance

DaShawn W. – October court date- release in November

Octavian M. – Court 8/17- December release: family

Demonti F. – Court 10/24: little brother

Michael B. – Mom’s healing from knee surgery: release before Christmas: court late September

Hunter L. – Family: court date

Marvonnie M. – Family


Young Women 

Jadyn B. – Family travel mercies: court this week: family wellbeing

Natalia M. – Do right: follow mom’s rules: love self: court for mom

Zairen G. – Mom & dad would visit

Amonee W. – Release 8/30: forgiveness: mom & rest of the family

Larell H. – Release 9/6: mom & dad

Kanai B. – Forgiveness: release 9/15: love self more: get help that is needed

Linze J. – God’s loving protection



Huron Valley Prison (Adult)
Roksana Sikorski (17) # 976524
3201 Bemis Road
Ypsilanti, MI 48197




My Gracious and Loving Father, 

I come to you now in prayer; I thank you God that even though I have made many mistakes in my life, you are a God of forgiveness. Today I ask you to forgive me and I make a commitment to dedicate my life to You, to do Your will and to follow Your plan and purpose for my life.

 Father I know because I have humbly asked, you have forgiven me of all my wrongdoing but I am having trouble forgiving myself. Help me God to understand that I can’t change what has already happened but I can change what will happen in the future.

 At this moment I surrender all my bitterness, loneliness, and my low self-esteem to you Father. I forgive all those who have hurt me and I forgive myself for all my mistakes of the past.

 By your grace Lord, I will use this time of imprisonment as a time of study, prayer and personal commitment to You. Instead of allowing this time of my life to be a crushing blow of defeat, I will use it as a steppingstone to higher accomplishments. I also ask you to prepare me to face society and assume responsibility when I am released; as one who has learned their lesson and benefited from their mistakes.

 Most of all God, thank you for loving me and looking beyond my faults to see my needs. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

 author: Calumet resident circa 2007




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