Young Men 


Alexander A. P,-No more incidents or consequences: move forward

Robert C. – Go to Foster Care on 6/25 court date: next level in the program: help family to get clean: his sobriety

Cameron S. – Good April birthday

Zion J. – Family: June release: RECEIVED CHRIST AS SAVIOR

Kaleb P. – Family: good court date 8/10

Maleke P. – Family: IYM Chaplains: next level in the program (blue): Job Corp possibility

Elijah L. – Family safety: get through the program- release 6/28: wisdom

Stan J. – Court date: Autistic sister

Shane W. – Build back family relationships: wisdom & forgiveness

Hussein A. – Get off current disciplinary action: go to court with no further incidents: universal peace & happiness

Josiah H. – Mom & his relationship: upcoming court date

Noah R. – Court this week: mom & grandmother: anger issue

Da’Juan K. – Self control & strength: family

Andrew O. – Home pass this week?: help with reading: family wellbeing: court 4/25

Aaron M. – Family: clear mindset: stay positive

Demonti F. – Do well in the program: go home w/ brother

Chauncey J. – Court 5/5: family & enemies

Michael W. – Be slow to anger: family



Young Women


Lairen G. – Court 4/4:: good relationship w/ cousin

Mikael M. – Good court date & relations all around

Mariah S. – Heal her heart (not physical): correct sins

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