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          'Locked Up But Not Locked Out Of God's Love and Protection '

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Rev. Bernard Cannon    &   Rev. Henry Fagin

The Story Behind 'IncarceratedYouthMinistries'

The ongoing ministry to incarcerated youth continues to be blessed. The ministry had its beginnings in 1996 with the first youth retreat weekend held at the Burton Center. This first retreat was made possible through the work of Rev. Bernard Cannon and the late Rev. Henry Fagin.

In 2001 when the Burton Center was turned over to a private company to administer the fear was that the work there was finished. That was not Gods idea for He has opened the doors wider. The Burton Center is now known as the Eliot Center. In March of 2001 every Friday night Bible study resumed and the first retreat weekend ( as the Eliot Center ) was held in September. In November of 2001 a Saturday night worship service was launched. In January of 2003 a weekly Chaplain Visit was added to the schedule at Eliot Center. We gratefully acknowledge the support and assistance of Director Melvin Whitlow in supporting the ministry's programs. Though Mr. Whitlow has moved on 'IYM' continues to be blessed with support from the management of the facilities we serve.

 You are welcome to come and be a part our ministry events.  How do you sign up for a weekend? Read on.

In addition to the programs at Eliot, we have been ministering at  other affiliated centers since 2002. Our involvement is under the direction of Director Mrs. J. Fryer and her Facility Managers. We provide a bible study each Tuesday night as well as Chaplain visits and provide the weekly worship service held on Friday nights. The first retreat weekend for an affiliate took place in August of 2003.The worship services that began in 2002 were under the auspices of then Facility Manager G. Yusef Qualls. Following a meeting with then Director Melvin Whitlow and Reverend Qualls it was decided that 'IYM' would take over all facets of spiritual enrichment at Calumet.

In 2005 we began ministering on a periodic basis at the Adrian Training School for Young Women. In 2006 we added ministry work at a Don Bosco placement facility and Children's Home of Detroit.

Incarcerated Youth Ministries .org Inc. provides a continuum of guest speakers and special events that further enhance the Christian experience for the incarcerated young men.

All the programs discussed above are to help bring young men between the ages of 11 and 20 to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On January 31, 2008 the Eliot Center was closed and the residents were moved to a center in Highland Park, MI. The residential treatment residents currently residing at the Highland Park center  were then moved to a new facility next door. IYM provides all programs at the new center as well.

To make all of this work requires people. People like YOU. The weekly programs only require an hour or two. Chaplain visits occur once a week at the centers serviced by 'IYM' The work of 'IYM' continues.

If the Lord leads you to be a part of this work please call or e- mail :




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