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"Dedicated to Incarcerated Youth of the twenty-first century

Our 23rd year ministering to incarcerated youth!


Well folks it is once again that time for us to seek Christmas cookies & goodies from you; this is year #22 of our 23 years in ministry.


If you can bake some that would be superb! Our GOAL IS TO RECEIVE HOME BAKED COOKIES & GOODIES!


We have once again been given the privilege to have the Christmas Parties at the centers. We will be doing one on 12/21: the other on 12/22. WE NEED HELPERS FOR THOSE DAYS. The parties are for our 2 major facilities. We supply 4 others but donít do parties. In total we reach around 250 residents and an equal # of staff.


THOUGH THE EMPHASIS IS ON HOME MADE COOKIES, if you need to buy some that will surely work too though we note the last few years that 'Christmassy' store bought cookies are really hard to find. If you do purchase please try and locate 'Christmas' type cookies.


If neither of the above work for you $$$ will surely be appreciated. We will purchase or engage a bakery to cover any shortfall. If we have excess dollars left over they will be used to purchase bibles & tracts which is an ongoing expense.


I2007_1227Calumet_Xmas_070056.JPGf you are baking or buying we would be pleased to receive them after 12/10/2017 thru and including 12/18/2017.  We will be delivering to the satellite centers on 12/20/2017.  The parties at our 2 major facilities will be held on 12/21 and 12/22 respectively. WE HAVE ELIMINATED DOING THE PARTIES ON 12/25 AND 12/26 BY AGREEMENT WITH CENTER MANAGEMENT.





We need lots of goodies for six centers that receive this blessing. A tall order to be sure but we want to try and be a blessing to all we can possibly bless. In the past we have had church groups make a day of baking which is wonderful too. Believe it or not, some of our young men have never had a Christmas cookie. 


Please let us know- Blessings to you: 


586-381-0003 phone or text

 Bob Kirby-IYM Administration 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

We thank you for your visit to this web site. Please take the time to look around a bit. It is our prayer that you might be called to volunteer and support this mighty work. Our mission is simple: 'To bring the message of Jesus Christ to incarcerated youth of the Detroit metropolitan area.' We accomplish this by providing Chaplain Visits (Christian Counseling) , study and worship opportunities to detained youth. We also provide other worship opportunities utilizing various program techniques.

Our purpose is to serve as an Information Resource for persons ministering to young people currently under incarceration. There are many activities offered to the young people at the detention facilities we serve.

We encourage you to become a member of 'IYM'*. We further encourage you to donate to this cause. Your gift will ensure bibles, tracts and educational materials are always available to those we serve. We are an all volunteer army; no person serving in this ministry receives any form of compensation. We are a tithing ministry in accordance with God's word. If you wish to donate to 'IYM' please contact us:
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If you would like to read more about IYM click here.

In Christ,

The 'IYM' Board of Directors

Center Visitations:

Tuesdays-Chaplain Visits (pm),  
Fridays-Worship or Bible Study (pm) and Saturdays- Chaplain Visits & Worship or Bible Study (am & pm)

Contact us for specifics!


PS: If you'd like to know what we believe see the Conduct button




lease write & encourage her. 


Roksana Sikorski #976524 (Always use the ID #)

Huron Valley Prison

3201 Bemis Road

Ypsilanti, MI 48197 

Her earliest release date is 10/16/24.





* Attention IYM Volunteers: A video concerning security issues is on the 'Conduct' page. It is the edited edition of our 3/9/2013 training meeting!


What are the stages of treatment? See the 'Conduct' page



These are our chaplains, preachers and teachers. We hope you pray for them corporately but every week we will display one or two of our volunteers and ask that you pray for the ones shown specifically as well as all the IYM volunteers.

"Leadership is not a position or title, it is action and example" (unknown author)


Chaplain Gershwin Drain


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*Applicants undergo a screening process by the IYM Board of Directors to determine their compatibility with the objectives of this ministry. The decision of the board of IYM is final.

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Applicants to minister with IYM undergo a screening process by the Board of Directors to determine their compatibility with the objectives of this ministry. The decision of the IYM board is final

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