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Welcome to the new home of the Divine Fellowship of Churches. We hope that you find everything that you're looking for on this site. In the coming days we will be adding more content to this site; so check back often. We have exciting features planned for this web site. Our goal is to keep you informed about what's happening at the Divine fellowship; to keep you connected to all the valuable training and support that we offer to our member churches. Stay tuned the best is yet to come!

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A New Counseling Session

Divine Intervention

Christian Counseling every Monday at 8 pm EST

 Mental Health and substance abuse counseling!

By Dr. Bernard Cannon

And Dr. Tina Parkmen


Call in # 605-475-3235

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Divine Fellowship of Churches

Drs. Bernard & Lanette Cannon

21 W. Grixdale, Detroit, MI  48203

                             (313) 283-1248; Email: bernardcannon1@juno.com           

Divine Interventions And Human Health Services

July 9, 2013    

Greetings Friends/Members of the Clergy;

It is indeed a privilege and an honor to come before you with INROADS, which leads to the path of righteousness for the generation of the upright. Divine Interventions are counseling workshops under the Divine Fellowship of Churches, a 501©3organization.  We are experienced teachers; ready to work together with our churches, schools, communities and businesses alike to bring continued human and health workshops for our youth ages 12 to 19. The cost is FREE to the youth.  Therefore, we are soliciting your support.  You are greatly needed, to sponsor as many youth as possible at the cost of $39.00 per participant.

Attached is a flyer announcing our mission plan to move forward with youth workshops supported by Dr. Robert (Bob) Retherford and his book, ďChocolate or Vanilla?Ē His book is briefly about giving encouragement, making choices and was carefully chosen as a role playing tool in order to share Godís teachings.  These teachings will transform hearts, minds and lives; providing individuals with effective skills for applying the principles that are taught in his book, to everyday life and success.  Some workshops have catchy titles to incorporate issues associated, i.e., avoiding distractions, bullying, stress & conflict management, basic life skills, self-esteem, making choices and setting boundaries:

         Itís the INROADS to a beauty pageant for the Un-noticed; Itís the ďhip hopĒ INROADS for the Young & Restless; Itís the INROADS of Country & Western with the effects of Distractions; Itís the Blues of Choice; Itís A Symphony of unity INROADS for Conflict Management; Itís RAP for the Generation of the Upright

         Role Playing Workshops Ages 12-19ÖÖÖÖ..Fun, Food & Fellowship/Mentorship

Location:  St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center, 23333 Schoolcraft, Detroit, MI  48219 (South Service Drive of I-96, between W. Outer Dr.  & Telegraph). 

Registration Contact: Divine Intervention Human Health & Education; Drs. Bernard & Lanette Cannon, 21 W. Grixdale, Detroit, MI  48203, (313)283-1248 or Dr. Bob Retherford, _______________________.

Thank you for your support; all donations are tax deductable.  We look forward to working together in unity for the commanded blessing. 

In the Masterís Service                                                                        In the Masterís Service

Drs. Bernard/Lanette Cannon                                                     Dr. Robert Retherford








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Perfecting the Saints of God

Every Wednesday

7: 00 pm EST.


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