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Human Health Counseling & Educational Program – 2013 MOW

Counseling is designed for professional guidance for an individual, a couple or a group from qualified persons or personnel.  Guided by Dr. Robert A. Retherford of New Choices Ministries, enclosed are practical tools for the ABCs of human health counseling and educational growth and development.  Dr. Retherford is a licensed professional counselor, a licensed master-level social worker, and a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.  Dr. Retherford, along with Drs. Bernard and Lanette Cannon of Divine Fellowship of Churches, Dr. Marjorie Wilson of Peace Dove International Business Ministries and other licensed Christian counselors, have applied unique and proven counseling processes to heal, deliver and set-free based on choices from the practical tools and are ones who give true advice on authentic inner healing, from a biblical perspective.  First, authentic inner healing directly lines-up with the Word of God, second from extensive research and development and third, from personal testimonies.  Therefore, if the counsel lines-up with the Word of God, God backs His Word to perform His Word – He is not a man that he should lie to us.  God states, “In the multitude of counselors there is safety.”  We confirm his Word through proven testimonies.

As we develop and use these practical tools for the ABCs of human health, our souls, which are the mind, will and emotions will have a muscle-bound/rope-a-dote effect on the attacks of the enemy (like an antidote; a substance that counteracts the effect of a particular poison).  In addition, when using ABCs, we identify, in a sequential manner, which concepts may alleviate frustration of topic.  From A to Z, topics range from man’s complex questions to God’s simple answers and each topic is carefully designed with the individual’s three-part being in mind.

Why counseling?  Authentic healing begins with a relationship with God.  Dealing with our emotions is part of that relationship.  Our practical tools are used to truly get in touch with our wounded “self” and the negative emotions set aside and ignored for most of our lives.  God has given Dr. Retherford, Drs. Cannon, Dr. Wilson and others, an awesome revelation into this unique area of inner healing, which provokes us to “feel and deal” with our wounds.  These practical tools are also instruments, vessels, and conduits, which are in easy-to-follow transformation LABs (learning above basics) – tools used through various roads of communication: 1) open discussion, 2) testimonial role plays, 3) research and 4) case studies. 

After forty years of encouragement from clients, friends and Christian leaders, Dr. Retherford has written the book, “Chocolate or Vanilla/” in order to share God’s teachings that will transform minds and lives forever.  He has and continues to avail himself to help groups and individuals apply the principles and practical tools of ABCs that he and his colleagues in counsel, which teaches in his book.  Drs. Bernard and Lanette Cannon, along with Dr. Wilson and others, are so grateful to God for the opportunity to join Dr. Retherford to be an “Inroads” to the enlighten revelation knowledge; for greater relationships, purpose discoveries, and divine missions, which may have seemed impossible otherwise for many men, women, young adults and children.  Through dedication from experienced life-coach instructors and research from doctoral professors and colleagues around th3e world, the human health counseling and educational programs endeavor to be great tools, instruments, vessels and conduits for divine fellowship for times NOW and to come.


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