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 Divine Fellowship of Churches International (DFOC) was founded in 1995 by Drís. Bernard and Lannette Cannon.  The mission of DFOC was formed to help bridge the long term relationships between church denominations in fellowshipping with one another and the developing, equipping the saints of God into their ministry calling.  DFC is part of Perfecting the Saints of God Church, located in Detroit, MI and is an extension of Evangel Association of Churches and Ministries (EACM). International network of ministers, ministries and churches


Divine Fellowship of Churches International of Detroit, MI, is a fellowship of leaders, preachers, teachers, Elders, Bishops, and Ministers from through out the country moving in the Power and Love of God through teaching the anointed Word of God.  DFOC is a ministry that is lead by The Spirit of God. We strongly believe the word according to Acts 10:34-35, of a truth that God is no respecter of persons, therefore, whatever your background may be, we are a multiracial, non-discriminatory ministry. It is our endeavor to see you reach your highest potential in God, that you will be used for his service in Christ Jesus.  Through the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will teach, train, equip, and activate you with the principle Word of God. DFOC, Inc. will send you out under the direction of the Holy Spirit through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


The vision of DFOC is to raise up spirited conscience men and women of God who will tear down the walls of Satanís kingdom and build a new Kingdom for God and his people to reside.

We are developing and cultivating leaders and ministries who share in the same view point of Christ and believe in activating the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Five-Fold Ministry Gifts.


DFOC is a network of ministers, ministries and churches going from city to city spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Reaching and loving Godís people through his teaching, his Word. 


  • We believe in the bible from Genesis to Revelation.


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