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Incarcerated Youth Prayers of 09/19/2017

Shelby L. – Family: next level in the program: court 11/6: praise- controlling anger

Dominic S. – Change to become a better person

Jacob B. – Peers & sister: out date 11/7

Tyree W. – Keep control on emotions and continue doing well in the program: family

Nick H. – Family: relationship w/God to be stronger: resist the Devil: court date

Joseph M. – Mom’s arthritis

David B. – Family & self

Anthony S. – Family safety & strength: stronger mindset: closer to God

Deonta D. – Brother & rest of the family: peers & staff: wisdom & strength: better bond w/people

Noah F. – Grandfather for healing

Edward Y. – Court 10/16: brother incarcerated: family would visit

Nijai L. – Be delivered from sin by God: family: easier time in the program

DaiShawn W. – Mom & sis: uncle’s health: court date

Chris S. – Court date: go to a low security step down: family safety

Joshua M. – Family safety: girlfriend’s safety: court date: level reinstatement

Emlio L. – Family: court

Jesean M. – Right path: meet goals: family

Nijyal G. – Son: court: healing for mom: son’s mom

Montae K. – Son & his mom: court 11/28

Allen T. – Children: make it through incarceration: family: court 10/25/17

Jaylon L. – Court 9/22: stay on the right track

Michael S. – Grandmother’s health: brother just incarcerated-pray he accepts the Lord: mom’s healing and turbulent relationship with boyfriend ends

Richie B. – Son turning 1: protection: opportunities

Keontay P. – Family & friends: wisdom & strength: continued strong mindset

Lavelle M. – Family & loved ones: enemies: keep him in God’s ‘book’

Anthony H. – Court 10/6: better bonds w/people: faith & forgiveness

Linzy M. – Patience & maturity

Ian W. – Family & friends: guidance

Terrance M. – Home pass: grandmother’s health: level reinstatement: family, friends & self

Dustin C. – Family: stay away from temptation

SteFaun L. – Brother with cancer

Johtez H. – Son & son’s mom: family: grandmother: court date: guidance

Kamari R. – Stay focused: level reinstatement: family & friends: go to a step down facility

Deonta M. – Court date: stay focused: stay humble: prayer support

Xyler W. – Court 9/21: (Chaplain note: Pray he finds the Lord)

Eric S. – Good court date 10/11: continue to have a strong faith: family safety: grow closer to the Lord

Matthew S. – Stay focused: family safety

Kyle F. – Focus: going home soon: family safety & health

Charles S. – Family: court date

Christian J. - Deliverance


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