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Incarcerated Youth Prayers of 05/23/2017

KyJuan W. – Success in life: release 5/31: family to grow stronger

David B. – Mom & sister

Nicholas S. – Family safety: success & graduate from the program

James N. – Family: Son would visit: spiritual courage and determination: patience

Sturges A. – Family safety: keep moving forward: success in the program: resist temptation: spiritual growth in his walk

Shane H. – Son & girlfriend

Torrion H. – Release by 7/11 court date (?)

Josiah H. – Daughter & daughter’s mother

Marcel A. – Release on a tether: forgiveness of sin

LeFabian T. – Court on 6/9

William W. – Court 6/7: family safety & general wellbeing

Tyree W. – Make it back home

Jiheim A. – Next stage in the program: family: patience

Jeremy B. – Family’s health

Isaiah W. – Stay safe & focused: family

Derek P. – Better behavior from self & peers: family safety

Dustin B. – Patience: grandfather & great aunt’s failing health

Ethan T. – Family morning loss of grandfather: remain at this facility

Andre’ W. – Family strength: 8/1 court: peers behavior

Brandon B. – Sister would visit: family safety: positive attitude: unity within the peer group

Shelby L. – Family: court date

Jamarri C. – Family: court 6/23: brother would visit

Mekhi G. – Hope, faith and more belief

Jalen C. – Release on court date: family

Riccardo C. – Sept release: 6/20 home visit: family, friends & peers

Davareon B. – Release 6/6 (?): use his gifted voice: sister

Jeremiah M. – Mom & rest of the family, peers, staff, IYM Chaplains and self

Jevon M. – Court 6/7: good home visit: family

Joseph R. – Family & self: 6/27 court

Kyle F. – Family & self for safety: go home on 7/10 court date

Austin C. – Court 7/12

Trevon J. – Anger: self

Rashard S. – Protection: release on court date: remove hatred from peers: family, friends, loved ones IYM Chaplains: stop being worried

Ethan R. – Family safety; friends: forgive enemies

SteFaun L. – Mom’s first conversation in 15 years: no fighting amongst peers (praise): dad’s stress: dad’s heart would soften-allow Stefaun to live with him

Christian S. – Fully open up and live in Christ: renewed relationships: patience

Eric S. – Family safety & endurance: peers & staff: praise for the new level just achieved

Daquan C. – Better relationships: anxiousness: release next week-strength

Dezquan F. –Safety when released in a month: family

Ritchie B. – Mom, brothers, sisters & son: home pass next month

Ezekiel M. – Last stage in the program by 6/13: June 28 release: avoid temptation at home

Dedoreion R. – Family safety: personal character traits

Tanner D. – Safety for mom & step dad: praise- 7 days accomplished with no behavioral issues

Matthew S. – Get a good report @ next court visit: physical healing: move up in the program & stay focused

Joshua M. – Family safety: court 6/20- concerned: anger

Jabra’ B. – Stronger walk: get deeper in the Word

Dajion I. – Deeper in God’s Word: grow stronger in faith

Donnie S. – Spiritual growth

Jaylon L. – Family: focus

Xavier L. – Court 8/15

Noah G. – Family, friends, peers, staff & self: court 7/6

Nate H. – Family safety: positive results w/judge- court date approaching

Kain S. – Keep moving forward in the program: make progress in dealing w/anger: family safety: court 6/6

Kamari R. – Family session would go well: court 6/6

William M. – Wisdom: right choices: patience: guidance: strength

Cortez B. – Family safety: physical growth

Terrence M. – Family & friends: court: success in life: career goals

Michael S. – Aunt- liver failure- near death: grandmother-diabetic

Keontay P. – Family safety: 3 month old daughter


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